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Academy Theatre

Seating Specification:

  • Versatile venue - be used for theatre, music dance or conference events

  • 229 tiered seats.

  • Capacity can be increased to 313 with additional seating placed on raised orchestra pit or stepped down on four levels towards the stage.

  • Flexible Orchestra pit - made up of 4 x 7 sections (1m x2 m) which can be configured in a variety of ways.

  • Tiered seating may be folded away, allowing for performances; in the round, thrust, traverse as well as the traditional end-on (proscenium) presentation.

Audience Access:

  • Our Academy Theatre can be accessed via the house left and right doors. Two sets of double doors lead from the spacious foyer into the auditorium.

  • Any wheelchair users may freely enter from our Gate 1 car park, along the pathway and through the automatic foyer doors and on into the theatre.

  • For those with access issues, please book on Row 'F' which is the floor level row of seating. Any issues please contact our Box Office who will be happy to help.

Backstage Access:

  • For unloading and loading sets, costumes etc. during 'get-ins' and 'get-outs' directly backstage, use our access road (via Gate 6) and then pass through the next set of double gates. (For all deliveries / drop offs please inform the Theatre Manager.)

Technical Specification:

  • Professional lighting system: Ion Xe Consol, LED lighting (ETC LED ColourSource Four 15-30 Zoom Profiles, ETC ColourSource Fresnels, ETC ColourSource Parcans, Selecon PL CYC Lanterns).

  • Professional sound system: Qu-24 - Allen & Heath Digital Mixer.

  • Large projection screen and projector.

  • Variable speed front of house curtain.

  • Mid tab track.

  • Flexible white cyclorama / black curtaining.

  • Grid lights accessed left and right via two fixed sets of ladders leading to a gantry and tensile steel grid allowing for ease of access.

  • Side booms accessed via gantry or ladders.

  • Backstage relay and Tannoy system.

Academy Theatre - Co-op Academy Manchester


  • Price on application

  • Block bookings of 10 or more are exempt from VAT


Evenings, weekends, and during school holidays.

Get in touch:

Contact us to discuss your needs, pricing or to arrange a viewing.

Tel: 0161 300 5894

Email: manc-community-m@coopacademies.co.uk

Box Office : 0161 300 5909

Mr P J Hindle, Theatre Manager / Community Arts Officer


Standard arrangement: 229 tiered seats

View from the stage

Increased capacity: 313 seats - with additional seating stepped down on four levels towards the stage.

View from the stage

Increased capacity: 313 seats - with additional seating stepped down on four levels towards the stage.

View from the front row

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